Davido Set To Drop 2 Albums This Year (E News)

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    Billboard caught up recently with African global superstar, in a recent interview in which the singer discussed his American dream, his upcoming sophomore album and loads of other topics.

    During the interview, was asked about his ambitions for the year and he revealed he will be dropping two albums, one for Africa and the other for the world. “My first goal was to just see my video on TV. That was my first dream, but I just kept on making music, kept on getting bigger and the goals just kept on getting larger. Before we knew it, we got here. It’s crazy because [“Fall”] got picked up in Atlanta and it’s about to get picked up in another two states. In a while, it’ll be in all 50 states and we’ll probably finish up in L.A. and drop the album. I’m working on two albums right now: one for Africa and one for out here. That’ll be crazy. That might be a double album.”


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