Lady Zamar – Monarch (Full Album Zip File)

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    Download Full Album – Monarch Full Album Zip File

    South African Songstress Lady Zamar has confirmed that we will be receiving her new album that was rumored to be ready this month of May. She dropped a teaser from the main album, a track titled This is Love which was a true Hit and has continued to be highly rated by all. She has also confirmed that Rapper Rhapsody and many more loved South African artists will be featured in her album including: Tellaman, Moonchild, Msaki and many more and will consist of twenty tracks. Relax and Enjoy the wait until the Official Album release!

    See Tracklist below.

    1:  – This is Love Mp3 Download

    2:  – Adore Mp3 Download

    3:  – Be Mine Mp3 Download

    4: Lady Zamar – Delirium Mp3 Download

    5: Lady Zamar – Sunshine Mp3 Download

    6: Lady Zamar – Donatella Mp3 Download

    7: Lady Zamar – I Wish Mp3 Download

    8: Lady Zamar – Destiny Mp3 Download

    9: Lady Zamar – More and More Mp3 Download

    10: Lady Zamar – Our Process Mp3 Download

    11: Lady Zamar – Dangerous Love Mp3 Download

    12: Lady Zamar – ICU Mp3 Download

    13: Lady Zamar – Delaware Mp3 Download

    14: Lady Zamar – Addiction Mp3 Download

    15: Lady Zamar – Mary jane Mp3 Download

    16: Lady Zamar – Sharp Shooter Mp3 Download

    17: Lady Zamar – Say Yes Mp3 Downloa

    18: Lady Zamar – Low Low Ft. Tellaman Mp3 Download

    19: Lady Zamar – Fat girl Mp3 Download

    20: Lady Zamar – Freedom Ft. Rapsody Mp3 Download

    Download Full Album Zip File


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