Meek Mill Reveals 2020 As The Year Wack Music Dies (News)

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    The social media era has saturated the market with tons of artists. Many of them will be here today, gone tomorrow, while very few will actually make a mark in the music industry.

    However, the state of music today has drawn a lot of criticism from fans, critics, and artists alike. , for example, issued a tweet earlier today declaring the end of wack music. “This year wack music will perish,” he wrote on Twitter.

    Meek Mill@MeekMill

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    With the rise of the Dream Chaser label, Meek is clearly trying to make some sort of change himself. Meek has obviously been dropping heat throughout his career but with artists like Calboy, who recently dropped his project Long Live The Kings, making strides with the Dream Chaser backing. Meek’s also been teasing some new music.

    He released “Believe” with Justice Timberlake not too long ago and recently shared some snippets of new music.

    Although Meek’s primary focus is music, he’s expanded past that in recent times. Of course, business ventures such as his Lids co-ownership has been keeping him busy but he’s also getting ready to make his major acting debut in Charm City Kings.

    The film’s trailer finally debuted last week. The film made its world debut at the Sundance Film Festival last month with it’s worldwide release slated for April 17th.


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