Top 10 Most Visited Music Blogs in Nigeria

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    The growth of the music industry in Nigeria – the largest black country in the world – has seen greater strides ever since the advent of technology. The ease the internet offers to upload and download music records have allowed the emergence of many more artistes to flood the entertainment industry of the country, making Nigeria one of the most significant entertainment supplier and market in the world.

    To music fans all over the country, the need to get the best releases and jams as soon as it is released by the artistes is a necessity and luckily, there are several established music blogs in the nation’s internet space.

    Below are the top 10 blogs in the country, taking into consideration the SemRush Ranking, online presence, song quality, audience reach, added selling points, monthly visitors and many more.

    If you are seeking the latest songs and you need a place to get it, any of the blogs below has got you covered.


    #1: Notjustok:

    It is arguably the oldest music blog in the nation, serving the nation’s music fans through the years of Java to Symbian to Blackberry Operating systems. They have been at the fore of the Nigerian market consistently from between the year 2007 to around 2015 before the presence of other competitors flooded the market.

    During the late 2000s, they were the first download plug for all Nigerian songs; almost every other blog downloaded first from them before rẹ-uploading. You can always hear their trademark ‘’ in all the songs connected to their website.

    Till date, Notjustok still has one of the widest reaches, audience engagement and latest uploads in the country. They have managed to stay within any top 3 of any music blog ranking and you’ll agree that that’s a testament to their reliability.

    #2: TooXclusive:

    Arguably the biggest rival to Notjustok, TooXclusive entered the Nigerian market in the year 2010 and grew dominance over time. Right now, they boast of a large audience reach and offer the latest music uploads.

    They gained recognition through their yearly TooXclusive Online Music Award and they pride themselves as the no 1 source for Pan-African music entertainment.

    They also publish the latest gist and gossip in the entertainment industry, top some of the top 10 charts and have one of the widest engagements.

    Any music lover who enters the space of TooXclusive will always find something to engage themselves with, for there is always something to do, other than just downloading songs.

    #3: Naijaloaded:

    They almost always appear on the top 3 of any top 3 rankings in Nigeria’s music blogosphere. For the gist, gossips, news content and any form of entertainment, Naijaloaded is the plug.

    Founded in 2009, Naijaloaded is arguably currently the most visited online platform in the country. They found their way into the heart of their audience by allowing the upload of any form of news, interest or gist on their platform. Their platform has over 4 million visitors daily.

    #4: 9jaflaver :

    Ranking as one of the most visited entertainment plugs, they pride themselves as the most reliable entertainment news outlet in the nation. Having entered the nation’s internet space in the year 2014, 9jaflaver had kept on making waves.

    They boast of an updated music upload and their trademark tag is one of the most popularly heard in Nigeria songs.

    #5: 360Nobs

    Boasting of a large database of Nigerian songs despite not being a dedicated music blog, 360Nobs offers a Getfamiliar feature that boosts their popularity among their audience. This feature allows for the emergence of many upcoming Nigerian artistes to the spotlight.

    Alongside TooXclusive and Notjustok, 350Nobs is one of the oldest Nigerian music websites.

    #6: Jaguda:

    Although, not as popular as the others, Jaguda is one of the oldest music blogs in the nation. The emergence of lots of blogs has severely hit the popularity of Jaguda, yet it still attracts a high density of visitors every month.

    Jaguda offers host reviews, news contents, news and events. Jaguda also offers video promotions for upcoming artistes, albeit for a fee, but with their audience range, it is worth it.

    #7: TraceSong:

    Tracesong is among the most visited music website in Nigerian / Africa Music and arguably the most visited stand-alone entertainment website worldwide. The site has taken the Nigerian / Africa Music demography of 18-30 by storm since it was founded on November 12, 2018, becoming a premier destination for Nigeria, South African music.

    #8: Pulse :

    Like 360Nobs, Pulse is not a dedicated music website; they are more of a news outlet, providing content on lifestyle, trends, celebrity news and events, video exclusives and many more.

    Pulse, however, has a dedicated a music category, which boasts of a reputable music database ever since they entered the Nigerian market in 2011.

    Their selling point is not exactly the upload of music for downloads – because they don’t really offer that service – it is much more in the in-depth analysis of the song and the artiste. They help the audience to live the song, through the artiste’s point of view.

    #9: MP3Naija :

    MP3Naija entered the cyberspace in 2014 and has been one of the prominent dedicated Nigerian music websites. They’ve got a sleek design that allures their audience and they boast of a reach that goes over a hundred thousand visits per month.

    It is one of the best places you can go to, most especially to download a song.

    #10: MP3Bullet:

    Mp3bullet is a dedicated music blog and allows for no form of distraction. They target only ardent music lovers and they help artistes to reach their target audience.

    It attracts a lot of traffic and it offers the latest songs.

    #11: The NativeMag

    NativeMag started in 2014 and has been standing true to their mission of being a reliable source for African millennial. Their platform boasts of a large engagement reach for the teeming generation of musicians and music lovers.

    They offer unbiased reviews of songs, offer quality interviews to artistes and critics and they have been a rallying beacon to the sustenance of the music culture of the country and continent at large.

    The Nigerian music space is quite large, so it is only expected that the number of blogs dedicated to the industry will also be sizeable. So, as mentioned earlier, there are several music blogs in the country and opinion differs but these are arguably the top ten music blogs in the country.


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