Secret Properties Of Onion (Health Tips)

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    To protect your home from harmful intrusions, place a white with blackheads on your window, or grow it in your garden or in pots on your window sills. The flowers of the are protective, you can dry them and place them in your house as a protective amulet. Carrying on, the is supposed to protect poisonous beasts. Onions cut in half or in four, placed in the house, will absorb the negative energies and the harmful entities, as well as the diseases.Rubbing a sick body part with the slice of an while visualizing the disease being absorbed by the is supposed to cure it. The must then be destroyed by burning or chopping it before disposing of it. New England settlers hung necklaces over their doors to protect themselves from disease, and for a long time an was cut above the stove for the same purpose. You can also attach a large red to your bed to protect yourself from illness and help you heal faster.Never throw peels on the ground, doing so is your prosperity that you throw away. Instead, burn them to attract wealth. An placed under the pillow helps to have prophetic dreams, and if you are facing difficult decision making, stick your choices on Onions (one per ), place them in the dark, and the first one you catch will give you the answer. is also known as aphrodisiac, and as being able to fight against impotence. Finally magic swords and knives can be purified by rubbing their blades with fresh cut onions.

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