Tyga Pulls Out A Gun After Being Dragged Out Of Floyd Mayweather’s Party In New York (News)

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    and his crew pulled up the to a Hollywood club that hosted festivities in honor of Floyd Mayweather’s birthday. The partying was cut short for the rapper when he got into a fight which led the Sunset Room’s security to kick him out of the venue. The altercation and his expulsion were caught on video.

    Apparently, one of the event’s guests posted up to and the pair’s argument became physical. The subject of their disagreement and its subsequent escalation remain unclear. Sunset Club security reacted fairly quickly. One of the bouncers dragged out of the building as the entertainer re

    The rapper was still heated. His guys and bodyguards seemingly attempted to diffuse the negative emotions but reached for his security’s gun. Onlookers can be heard exclaiming in surprise, “He has a gun!” The firearm did not leave the holster, however.

    His crew eventually convinced him to leave the whole ordeal while onlookers yelled pleas towards the group, telling the entertainer that the fight wasn’t “worth it.” As  walked towards his ride, one of his associates, AE, yelled at the cameras. “Take your f*cking cameras off. This some real sh*t,” he shot at the witnesses.

    Watch video below


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